Website Maintenance offers true Web Site Maintenance to our clients. This includes site corrections, updates, and additions to web sites built by

The purpose of your website will dictate how often the content needs to be changed or updated. For instance a restaurant may want to change their menu specials daily, while a heating & air conditioning contractor changes the focus of the site seasonally.

Basic monthly site updates are included at no cost with sites hosted through Your internet consultant can explain what is included in these basic updates. It is probably more than you expect.

Major updates are available at very reasonable costs at any time and can be contracted for at the time of the initial site sale for even greater savings.

Corrections and fixes are No Charge at any time. This includes typographical errors, errors in content, and technology problems with the site.

We frequently update and repair sites not built by If you are not satisfied with your current web site or web site maintenance, contact to discuss how we can help.