Website Development designs and constructs Web Sites and Online Brochure sites to meet the client’s needs. Our website development services begin with full analysis of the website’s purpose. Priorities in the site’s structure are based on this analysis and the pages created.

A website shell is then constructed. Preliminary content, either provided by the client or created by, is placed on the appropriate pages. The navigation tool is created and the site tested for ease of navigation and information flow.

Final design work is applied to the shell giving the website its final appearance. The site may be launched at this time while further further development take place depending upon the needs of the client.

Any special programming, i.e. database, special form handling, shopping cart, etc, is added and tested. Search Engine Optimization is added to the site depending upon the chosen search engine program. The sight, if not launched previously, is now launched.

The site is submitted to search engines according to the search engine program.

All custom website development programs include one year of website maintenance and updates. Website maintenance contracts are available thereafter.