The Vitalizer Plus – It Is Not A Scam – Read…What is the Vitalizer Plus.

Vitalizer Plus – It is not a Scam!

The Vitalizer PlusAccording to Steven Lower (, the Vitalizer Plus and about a hundred other water products are pure bunk—scams produced by hucksters using weak science to cheat you out of your hard-earned money. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and the freedom to share it, we found Mr. Lower’s  review of water products glaringly myopic. While he has obviously spent months gathering  information on water devices and water products outside the mainstream, he has apparently neglected to check them out.  Standing on his reputation as a former chemistry professor, he puts down product after product dismissing each one by categorizing it with names like “wonky water” “clusterbunk,” “magnetic water quackery,” “oxyscams,” “crackpot water treatment”  and on and on.  So much for Mr Lower.

What is Hexagonal Water?

A water moleculeWater is a network of hydrogen-bonded molecules. It can form numerous structures, depending on how the molecules bond together. According to many scientists, biological organisms prefer the six-sided (hexagonal) structure. This hexagonal water forms a liquid crystalline matrix that is involved in cellular communication, intracellular water movement, enzyme function and metabolic processes. The amount of hexagonal water in your body has been correlated with aging. It forms the initial layer of water surrounding healthy cells. Unorganized (typical) water, surrounds diseased and abnormal cells.

The Vitalizer Plus is promoted as a device that changes the molecular structure of water.   That’s a mouthful and it may sound far-fetched, but if you dig deep enough, you will discover that water has a unique molecular structure that has baffled scientists for centuries. It turns out you CAN change the molecular structure of water—and when you do, its properties change. Temperature, electromagnetic fields, movement, vibration,  and ions all cause water molecules to become bonded to each other in a more organized way. This creates a repeating pattern that has been called structured water, liquid crystalline water, and hexagonal water.  If it’s true that the Vitalizer Plus makes this kind of water , then it would behave more like a crystal than like normal water . But does the Vitalizer Plus really make water  more hydrating, more metabolically efficient and more refreshing? 


Testing shows Vitalized water is truly different

Energetically powerful

Kirlian Photography before and after vitalizer plus water

Kirlian Photography is a process that uses high frequency electron streams to take pictures of the invisible energy fields radiating from all living organisms.  Through a Kirlian camera, the energy radiating from the fingertip of a healthy individual before and after drinking 8 ounces of Vitalized water was photographed.


Crystalline Photography

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s flash photography, featured in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, illustrates enhancements in water’s ability to form beautiful crystalline geometry after only 9 minutes in the Vitalizer Plus.

These photographs (above) show the long-term stability of the hexagonal state of water produced in the Vitalizer Plus. They indicate a greater degree of organization amongst water molecules.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his well-known book, The Message From Water, shows how different things affect water. The photos in his book provide a graphic representation of the degree to which water is hexagonally structured. His photos of tap water show very little crystallization. On the other hand, water from some of the world’s pristine springs, freezes to form beautiful snowflake-like crystals – the more intricate the six-sided crystal, the greater the amount of hexagonal water.

Why are snowflakes six-sided?

snowflake 1 snowflake 2 snowflake 3

Although a snowflake contains billions of water molecules it is a reflection of the hexagonal structure in the water.
Snowflakes are formed as super-cooled water condenses around particulate matter in the atmosphere.

Super-cooled water is nearly 100% hexagonally structured. It is able to maintain a liquid state – even at temperatures below freezing in the upper atmosphere.
As this hexagonal water eventually freezes during its descent to the earth, it assumes a shape that reflects the hexagonal unit from which it was made.

Dr. Emoto’s work even documents how water responds to the energy of our thoughts – with variations in its snowflake-like patterns.

 If water were a crystal (or a liquid crystal)  then it might be able to transmit energy faster;  it might be able to amplify signals better; it could interlink all the organs and tissues of the body and provide a communication network that would be almost instantaneous.  It would be more hydrating, more efficient and understandably more refreshing.  

lady drinking waterThe importance of drinking hexagonal water

Most diseases can be traced to dehydration. In fact, dehydration is the number one cause of stress in the human body. Many scientists believe it is the #1 cause of death. Dehydration has also been linked with angina pain, asthma, colitis, diabetes, peptic ulcer pain, high blood pressure, low back pain, high blood cholesterol – even aging itself!

When there is insufficient water inside the cells, every metabolic function suffers and the body must operate from a level of “crisis management.” This has been well documented from the medical perspective, by Dr. Batmanghelidj in his book, Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life – You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty. With a lack of cellular water, organs must compete for vital fluids; balance (homeostasis) gives way to disharmony and disease.

As we age, the amount of water inside our cells decreases. Our cells begin to shrink and stiffen – their ability to expand and contract is reduced. As a result, nutrients and oxygen are not efficiently exchanged and waste products are not efficiently removed. What we need is the ability to get water back into our cells, where it counts – and that’s where hexagonal water can make a big difference.

Organized, hexagonal water enters the cells more rapidly and more efficiently providing superior hydration with a subsequent effect on nutrient absorption, waste removal, metabolism, immune function, and overall health.

Drinking vitalized water is one of the easiest and best ways to overcome chronic dehydration and to protect your body from the symptoms of disease and premature aging. Within minutes, vitalized water moves into the cells, taking nutrients and expelling metabolic wastes in a much more efficient manner.


Benefits of drinking Hexagonal water made in the Vitalizer Plus.

vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tifThe degree to which water is organized, influences its life-giving properties – especially within the human body. Multitudes of tests now verify that drinking hexagonal water improves, hydration, overall energy, mental clarity, and a host of symptoms related with those factors.

1. Hydrates the cells

Due to the penetration power of hexagonal water, Vitalized water is able to quickly move into the cellular environment of the body – hydrating tissues and enhancing cellular functions. Many notice almost immediate energy.

2. Helps transport nutrients to cells

Hexagonal water is the water of choice for all biological organisms. Its structure interfaces with the cellular components of our bodies, quickly and easily taking vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into the cells. Many have noted better assimilation of their supplements. Enhances waste removal from cells

Water is also the carrier of wastes from our bodies. The efficiency of hexagonal water is often noticed within days – cleansing the body of long-held toxins and metabolic wastes.

4. Supports the immune system

Research has identified the critical role water plays in support of the immune system. Hexagonal water has been found surrounding healthy DNA and other healthy proteins in the body. Other water structures have been found in conjunction with diseased tissues. Many who drink Vitalized water, notice an improvement in their general health.

5. Improves cellular communication

When we are born, the water in our bodies is more hexagonally structured. This crystalline water network supports efficient, almost instantaneous cellular communication, which has been referred to in quantum physics as cellular coherence.

6. Enhances metabolic efficiency

Water is involved in every process in the body. Hexagonal water has been shown to activate enzymes and enhance many other metabolic functions. Increased energy is a common result.

Promotional material for the Vitalizer Plus says it uses the same forces nature uses (vortices, magnetic fields like those in the earth, and charged minerals) to make super hydrating water that helps with nutrient absorption,  cleansing, and all the other things water does.  There are some pretty impressive tests showing changes in heart rate variability scores, meridian stress test scores, blood hydration (via live blood analysis),  and energy output scores. If you are interested in water enhancement, we think this product may be a sleeper, just waiting for a chance to make a debut on the big screen. It certainly deserves a closer look.  More information is available at the website: 


vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tif

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