Ken Reports Staff

Founder/Owner — Ken Macek

Ken Macek has been a businessman in the DFW area for over 20 years. Although not originally from Texas, Ken has spent the last 25 years in the Dallas area.

He currently manufacturers his own ozone generators and sells a complete line of air purifiers and other products in the health and wellness field.
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Besides his health and wellness business, Ken has spent 10 years in the field of Information Technology. He and his staff have extensive expertise in web design and advertising, and at least 10 years experience in the computer hardware industry.

Because of his business interests, Ken has spent a considerable amount of time in consumer research amassing a huge volume of information about the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In 2004, Ken began to wonder if there were a way to share his wealth of information with the DFW community. His latest adventure, “Ken’s DFW”, is his way of sharing that information and giving back to the community he
calls “home.”

Ken was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana and Attended the University of Montana. He and his wife Joell, reside in Irving, Texas.

Ken works with a staff of highly trained individuals who specialize in business development, marketing, web design, advertising, and many other areas of expertise. He and his staff are trained and experienced in the creation of solutions for every business need.