Ken Reports Consumers

Have you ever needed a product or service that you’ve never purchased before? Have you looked in the Yellow Pages and wondered who could provide the best service? Ken Reports Consumer List helps you find the answer to that question and helps you connect with the best products and services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Ken Reports Consumer List is a huge database of information which is shared with its members. It is a collection of consumer reports from the local community with more than 200 products and service listings (eg. home, auto, pet, small business, and personal services). You’ll discover how others have rated the services in our community and you’ll be able to choose providers based on the experiences of others.

Here’s how it works:
When members are in need of a service, such as plumbing or computer repair, or if they want to make a major purchase, they simply log-on to Ken’s DFW Consumer List and search the category list to find just what they are looking for. Members have access to information on the companies that provide the specific services or products they need. They can read the experiences of other members of the community (everything from what type of work was done, to what they thought of their prices, whether they were punctual, polite, finished the work on time, etc.) before they ever make a call.

Once the work is finished, each member has the opportunity to share feedback – sort of a way to “give back” and really participate in the community. Your input becomes part of that company’s rating on Ken’s DFW Consumer List. The feedback input is immediately recorded in our database, so the list is always being updated.

How to Become a member of Ken’s DFW Consumer List

During Introductory Offer, all set up fees and monthy charges will be waived

It’s simple. Just visit the website and click, “Join here.” For $4.95/month or $45.00 a year, you can enjoy the benefits of the Ken Reports List.* And that’s not all. When you help spread the word, you’ll receive a referral bonus. For every new member who joins for one year, you’ll receive $10.00. It’s a great way to be a member for free – and to receive referral bonuses on a regular basis.

Join now and start enjoying the benefits of Ken Reports Consumer List – your gateway to superior service and products in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

*a one time ($10.00) set up fee is charged.